Neema Bible College

Neema Bible College

 NEEMA Bible College

taking God’s Grace to the Nations

696 Graduates Since 2008

240+ Current Students in 2016

17 Locations throughout Kenya….

  Students of all ages, professions and churches are having their lives transformed as they discover the unconditional love of God.  Our courses include an exciting survey of the Old and New Testament.  Courses on Basics of Righteousness, Bible Covenants, The True Nature of God, as well as Finances and Family Relations are included in our curriculum. The Bible is our only textbook.  Class notes are given to the students.  Over 32 courses are taught during the 2 years.

  Heart of God Fellowship Ministry is registered with  the government of Kenya.  NEEMA Bible College is a ministry of Heart of God Fellowship Kenya.  NEEMA  offers a  diploma in Biblical Studies.

NEEMA is located in several towns and villages throughout central and western Kenya.  Class schedules vary depending on the needs of the students.  NEEMA is currently expanding to more locations.

(subject to change).