Love Never Gives Up

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Love Never Gives Up

For over nine years now Muthee has brought laughter as well as challenges to Mama and Papa. With his quick wit and big glistening eyes, he could wiggle his way out of any trouble or form of work. The bars on our windows may have kept the thieves out but Muthee could easily swarm his way through them anytime he wished. Just about the time he exasperated us and we wanted to kick him out, his BIG smile would melt our hearts and Papa would give him ‘just one more chance’.
Then last year, around Christmas time, Muthee slipped out into the night and got involved in a serious crime. The kids he was with were all arrest but for some reason our village chief just warned Muthee. Ooooh how Papa Mike wanted to chase him off but then again he knew it would break our hearts to kick him out so he stayed ‘just one more time’.
To our surprise, this last year Muthee has finally changed! Every night he’s inside, though not always on time. He’s often asked to speak at the Christian Union in his public high school. He’s a valued team player on the soccer field. And he’s the best interpreter for Papa in Kenya.
In the Good News Bible I Corinthians 13 verses 6 and 7 read,” though love is not happy with evil…………….love never gives up, and its faith, hope and patience never fails.”

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Weekly Update

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A few months ago Betty Wesonga had gotten so weak that she had stopped attending NEEMA Bible

College. Her neighbors reported that Betty was wasting away to nothing. Weighing only 70 pounds, she

could barely walk. However when Mike was teaching in her village class, one of her classmates went

and got her. Since she was too weak to walk, he literally picked her up and carried her. When they

entered the classroom everyone stepped back. Her skin was ashen, and her breathing extremely rapid

and shallow. Not one of her classmates dared to touch her because everyone could feel the presence of

death in the room.

Ignoring death’s grip, Mike and Victor laid hand on Betty and commanded life into every cell of her

body. Without warning she started vomiting huge amounts of clear liquid. Immediately strength flowed

into her body and she stood up. Everyone now could see hope in her eyes and she mustered enough

strength to even smile a bit. Strength continued flowing into her body, and Betty walked the quarter of

a mile back to her home accompanied only by her mom.

One week later Betty again was absent from class. This time I was there and all of us walked to Betty’s

house. Again she wasstruggling to breathe and was barely able to sit up. It looked like death was

winning. However this time some of the students prayed with us though they were still leery about

touching her. My flesh was a bit uneasy too as she leaned heavily on me while we prayed for her. After

praying she said nothing and finally we left. That was the last of April.

But thank God that is not the end of the story. Victor, our NBC director told us this week that Betty is

well and weighs over 100 pounds. Now she is full of life and even leading her classmates in Praise and

Worship to the Living God.

The class of Mali Saba is different today. They saw first-hand that AIDS is simply a name that has bowed

to the glorious name of Jesus. Death has been defeated by His precious blood. AMEN.

O death where is thy sting. O grave where is thy victory. Thanks be to God who giveth us

the victory through our Lord, Jesus Christ. I Corinthians 15:55+57

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