More than Spit in the Eyes!!!

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More than Spit in the Eyes!!!

As you can see Shutterstock took this picture. I NEVER NEVER would stick around long enough to snap a picture of a snake! [Eve, you know Adam’s wife, sure was a strange creature who actually stayed and had a 90 word conversation with a snake- hard- to-believe but it’s in the Bible so it’s true.] Anyway this testimony is also true even though it too is hard-to-believe. Let me tell you what happened.
When NEEMA Bible College teacher, Pastor Elijah entered his mother’s house he caught sight of a snake racing across her floor. SLAM! BANG! BAM! I Survival instincts kicked in as he clobbered it with his jembe (garden hoe). Wanting to throw the dead snake away before his mama came back, he quickly bent down to grab it, but as he did, the cobra sprung to life, spitting venom into Pastor Elijah’s eyes. Stumbling blindly his spirit yelled “In the name of Jesus no poison can harm me!!! Instantly the blinding poison was neutralized and with a swift, final blow with his jembe, the spitting cobra was beheaded.
And they shall take up serpents and they shall not hurt them. Mark 16:18

* The African Spitting Cobra’s venom is so toxic that it destroys the eye’s cornea upon contact. Wikipedia

N'ja Aheri- The African Spitting Cobra

N’ja Aheri- The African Spitting Cobra