People Standing Outside the Over-Crowded Church to Hear the Gospel of Grace

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People Standing  Outside the Over-Crowded Church to Hear the Gospel of Grace

Kalimantiri Village is high in the Maua Mountains of Central Kenya. Mirah or ghant- a narcotic drug grows there almost without effort. And a small handful of Mirah sells at twice the price of 20 pounds of maize. So Mirah was king in Kalimantiri, until Pastor Stanley started preaching the Gospel of Grace. Now Grace the Power of the Gospel Church is drawing people’s attention away from drugs to consider the possibility that God loves them in spite of the mirah.
Two years ago Pastor Stanley rented a small room to hold Sunday services in. Within weeks the room had grown too small for the crowds who were coming. So he rented the room next door and in Kenyan style they expanded the worship center by simply knocking down the wall between the two rooms. As the GOOD NEWS continued to spread, the church continued knocking down walls to make more room. Eventually all walls went down, but God’s grace didn’t stop reaching more people. Additional space was needed but now the expansion would cost 42,000 Kenyan shillings. So growth was at a standstill. As new people came, others started leaving because it was too, too crowded. Others now stand outside listening to the good news.
On the 23rd of September as Mike preached he started declaring that the time of talk was over and it was time for action. First he divided the 42,000KSH by the number of adults in church that morning, encouraging them that their part was less than the school fees they paid for their kids’ education every 3 month. Someone else suggested that everyone start to bring something even if all they brought was a single stone or bucket of sand, for God could multiply anything making it more than enough. Finally Mike declared that we set October 23rd as a day of celebrating the completion of the new addition.
The very next morning, a few stones were carried to the church ground s, plus some trees were donated for making boards for the frame. Money started coming in and over half the material has been gathered. The rest of the money came in this week. So although the celebration day has been postponed, the new addition will be complete and we will be celebrating the new addition before the end of November.
This is like the wall that Nehemiah built around Jerusalem:
Nehemiah 6:15-16 after fifty-two days of work the entire wall was finished on the twenty-fifth day of the month of Elul. When our enemies in the surrounding nations heard this, they realized that they had lost face, since everyone knew that the work had been done with God’s